Real estate boom: should you buy or rent?

The German real estate market is currently experiencing a boom. In many cities, real estate prices continue to rise and demand continues to increase. The low level of interest rates in particular is attracting many people to invest in their own property. But is it really the best decision to buy in such a market or should one rather continue to rent???

The decision between buying and renting depends on various factors. On the one hand, financial aspects play an important role, but on the other hand, one should also consider one’s personal life situation and future plans.

Real estate boom: should you buy or rent?

Financial aspects: Those who want to buy a property usually need a large amount of equity and must be prepared for high monthly costs. In the case of rented apartments, the monthly rents are often high as well, but the risk of repair costs and maintenance is usually borne by the landlord. In addition, potential property buyers should also consider ongoing costs such as e.g. property tax, insurance and financing costs.

Personal life situation and future plans: Anyone who buys a property commits to a place for the long term and usually cannot react to changes as flexibly as with a rented apartment. Especially in the case of career changes or family growth, a purchased property can quickly become a burden.

Why is the real estate market so hot at the moment??

The real estate boom has been going on for some time now, and it is not only in urban centers that prices are rising. But why is the market for real estate so hot right now??? One of the reasons is the persistently low level of interest rates, which motivates many people to invest in building or buying a property. The supposedly safe investment in real estate compared to other forms of investment also reinforces this trend.

Another factor is the demand for living space, which continues to grow, especially in cities, due to immigration and the rising birth rate. There is thus an increased demand for living space and the supply cannot always keep pace. The result is rising real estate prices and increasing competition on the market. Also, the increasing popularity of Airbnb and Co. ensures that apartments are increasingly offered as vacation homes, making living space even more scarce.

But the question is whether it makes more sense to buy or rent a property in this booming market. On the one hand, the purchase of a property can serve as a retirement provision and a secure financial investment. On the other hand, a purchase also ties up enormous capital and requires long-term planning. Therefore, the decision between buying and renting ultimately remains an individual one and should be well considered.

Advantages of buying a property

The real estate market in Germany is booming and many people are asking themselves whether they should buy a property or whether they would rather continue renting. There are various advantages that speak for the purchase.

  • Ownership instead of rent: While renters pay a rent every month, owners have a property that belongs to them after they buy it.
  • appreciation: real estate can increase in value over time, providing a return on investment for the buyer.
  • Tax advantages: Owners can deduct a variety of costs for tax purposes, such as.B. the interest on a mortgage loan or the renovation costs.

In addition, there are other advantages, such as e.g. the freedom to design your own four walls or the security from rent increases. However, the possible disadvantages of buying real estate, such as e.B. the high acquisition costs or the regular maintenance costs are taken into account.

Overall, it can be said that buying real estate can be a sound investment and, with long-term planning and good financing, can lead to a carefree life in your own home.

Advantages of renting a property

The current real estate boom can greatly influence a decision for the future. People ask themselves whether it makes more sense to buy or rent a property. Considering the current market situation, renting a property can offer many advantages.

  • Financial flexibility: when renting a property, it is easier to change at short notice and with flexibility. One is not tied to a property and has more options to change one’s residence if necessary.
  • No high initial costs: when buying a property, you often have to pay very high initial costs. In addition, there are fees for the notary, broker and possible renovation work. Renting a property is usually cheaper and you have more financial leeway for other purchases.
  • No responsibility for repairs: when you rent a property, you do not have to worry about repairs and renovations. The landlord is responsible for these tasks, which means less stress and costs for tenants.

Overall, renting a property offers many advantages that are important for people in different stages of life. At the same time, there are also arguments in favor of buying a property, such as owning your own four walls and the feeling of security. In the end, it is important to make a decision that best suits your personal needs and financial possibilities.

Comparison: buying or renting?

The real estate industry is booming and many are asking themselves whether it is better to buy or rent a property. Both options have advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed carefully.

When you buy a property, you have your own home and no longer have to pay rent. In addition, one can design and renovate the property as one wishes. However, the purchase price is often very high and there are additional costs for repairs and maintenance. In addition, if you buy, you have to take out financing, which causes additional costs.

On the other hand, renting real estate offers more flexibility. It’s easier to move to a new city or a larger apartment when life circumstances change. Also, the cost is usually lower than buying, because you only pay the monthly rent. However, as a renter, you have less freedom in designing your home and may have to move more often if your landlord cancels or raises the rent.

  • Decision factors:
  • Financial situation and plans for the future
  • Personal preferences and needs
  • Market situation and supply of real estate

Ultimately, the decision between buying or renting depends on individual factors. The financial situation and long-term plans should be considered, as well as personal preferences and needs. The market situation and the supply of real estate can also play a role.


The bottom line on whether it is better to buy or rent in the midst of the real estate boom depends on several factors. On the one hand, the current situation on the real estate market plays a role. If prices are rising and you can find a suitable property at a good price, it may be worth buying. However, if prices are extremely high or the market is going through a correction, renting may be a more viable option.

In addition, personal needs and plans must be taken into account. If you know that you want to stay in a certain place for a long time and your financial situation allows it, buying a property can be a good investment. On the other hand, if you want to remain flexible and mobile and have no long-term plans, renting can be a good choice.

  • When buying:
  • Be well informed and compare
  • Assess the financial situation realistically
  • Consider longer-term plans
  • When you rent:
    • Allow enough time for a thorough search
    • Ensure flexibility and mobility
    • Be realistic about costs compared to the purchase option

    Overall, when deciding between buying or renting, a thorough analysis and consideration is necessary in order to make an individually suitable decision.

    Real estate boom: should you buy or rent?

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