Picture – and read aloud books for children 4 years and older (preschool age)

Books are not only a fantastic source of knowledge, but also an excellent medium for instilling a love of reading and discovery in children. Especially for preschool children, picture and read-aloud books can be a valuable support in the development of language and reading skills.

The world of picture books offers a huge selection of stories and adventures that can spark the interest of little ones and stimulate their creativity. Reading before bedtime or going to the library together can also strengthen the bond between parents and children.

In addition, reading books to children allows them to develop their imagination and use their fantasy. They give them the opportunity to empathize with different characters and understand their emotions and thoughts. Reading aloud also gives children better pronunciation and an understanding of different language structures.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to some picture and read-aloud books for preschoolers that will delight and inspire your children. We have chosen books that combine stories with important moral values and support children’s development.

Why picture and read-aloud books have such a great impact on preschool-aged children?

For preschoolers, picture and read-aloud books are an important part of their development. These books help little ones better understand the world around them. Picture books are especially important for children over the age of 4, as they help them to improve their imagination and memory.

Picture books are also very useful for developing children’s vocabulary and teaching them new words. When a child sees a picture they don’t already know, they become curious and ask about it. The adult can then explain the new word, expanding the child’s vocabulary.

Reading aloud books not only promotes language development, but also children’s imagination. When an adult reads a book aloud, children can be transported to another world and unleash their creativity. The story stimulates the imagination and children learn to develop their own ideas and thoughts.

Picture and read aloud books are also important to teach children the love of reading. If a child is read to regularly, they will eventually start reading themselves and improve their reading skills. Reading is an important skill in life and it’s never too early to start.

In summary, picture and read-aloud books have a great impact on the development of preschool children. Through picture books, children can improve their imagination and memory, and through reading aloud books, they can develop their language development, develop their creativity and discover a love of reading.

The many benefits of picture and read-aloud books for preschoolers

Picture and read-aloud books are very important for children over the age of 4 because they offer many benefits. A major benefit is that children can improve their visual perception skills by looking at pictures in books. They learn to recognize colors and shapes, allowing them to develop their creativity and imagination.

Picture - and read aloud books for children 4 years and older (preschool age)

Another advantage of picture and read-aloud books is that they can help children improve their language development. As they look at the pictures and listen to the stories, they are introduced to new words and expressions that they can later use in their own lives.

In addition, picture and read-aloud books can also be helpful in teaching children values and morals. Through the stories they can learn important lessons, for example about friendship, tolerance or fairness, and thus improve their social skills.

In summary, picture and read-aloud books for preschoolers offer a variety of benefits that help them develop. With their help, they can improve their visual perception skills, enhance their language development, and learn important values and lessons.

Why picture books and read-aloud books are appropriate for children ages 4 and up?

Preschoolers are able to process visual stimuli and use their imagination to create new experiences. Picture books offer a wealth of images and illustrations that help children understand visual relationships and expand their imaginations.

Read-aloud books are a great way to tell children stories and help them learn new words and concepts. Preschoolers are especially curious and open to new ideas, so read-aloud books can also help spark their interest in different topics and subjects.

Picture and read-aloud books also provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your child and build a close bond. By reading and looking at pictures together, you can discuss different topics together and encourage your child to talk and think.

  • The benefits of picture and read-aloud books for children ages 4 and up:
  • Build the imagination
  • Help children learn new words and concepts
  • Arouse interest in different topics and subjects
  • Promote bonding between parents and children

Integrating picture and read-aloud books into preschoolers’ daily routines

Preschoolers can benefit greatly from picture and read-aloud books. They can help develop children’s imaginations and improve their concentration and language development. Here are some ideas for integrating picture and read-aloud books into children’s daily lives.

  • Have books available in different rooms: place books in different rooms in the house, such as the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. This allows children to have access to books at different times of the day.
  • Book cafe: organize a book cafe! Get comfortable and read books together with your child. Also take some snacks or drinks to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Book swap: Swap books with other parents and borrow books that interest the kids.
Picture - and read aloud books for children 4 years and older (preschool age)

In this way, picture and read-aloud books are regularly integrated into everyday life and promote reading comprehension and the joy of reading in your child.


Book title
978-3-551-25452-6 The owl with the bump
978-3-7891-1110-9 The Gruffalo
978-3-473-36563-3 Ernie wants stories

Recommended books for preschoolers

Preschoolers are curious and enjoy learning new things. A good book can help stimulate their imagination, improve their language, and tell them exciting stories. Here are some recommended picture and read-aloud books for children ages 4 and up:

  • The lion in you: this book tells the story of a lion who discovers his powers and learns how to be brave and strong. It’s a great way to teach children self-confidence and courage.
  • Frederick the mouse: Frederick is a mouse who is different from everyone else. He doesn’t collect supplies, he collects words and colors. This book is a wonderful story about the importance of creativity and imagination.
  • The Little Dragon Coconut: The stories of Coconut and his friends are fun and educational at the same time. You can help children expand their imagination and understanding of other cultures.

There are, of course, many other great books for preschoolers, but these three are definitely worth a look. It can help spark children’s interest in reading and help them learn important values.

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