Gross negligence? How to avoid benefit cuts by the insurer

All of us have bought insurance at one time or another, be it for the car, the house or for our own health. Taking out insurance is supposed to protect us financially in case of an emergency and cover the cost of damages. But what happens if damage occurs for which we are responsible ourselves? Can it be that the insurance company denies or even reduces its performance?? In fact, there are cases where an insurance company will limit its benefits if gross negligence is involved.

Gross negligence? How to avoid benefit cuts by the insurer

The question arises: What is actually gross negligence?? This question is not always easy to answer, as there is no uniform definition. However, there are some criteria that can be considered gross negligence, such as.B. driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or running a red light. In such cases, the insurance company may limit its benefits or even deny them completely.


Leasehold: use this model to own your own home

Do not have enough money to build a house on your own plot of land? Don’t worry, there is an alternative: ground leases. This model allows you to build and own a home on someone else’s property without having to buy the land.

Leasehold: Use this model to own your own home

Leasehold is not a new concept and has been used in Germany for decades. There are many advantages of the heritable building right for the buyer, such as lower costs for the land because he does not have to buy it, but only pays for its use.


The television program – who’s on screen today

Television is still one of the most popular leisure activities for Germans. Relaxing on the sofa for a change, watching exciting movies and captivating series, or following the latest news from around the world – there is a wide variety on offer on television.

To stay up to date with what’s on TV today, it’s important to know the television program. This provides information about what shows, movies or series are being broadcast on the various channels at what time of day.