Free events: 25 years of forest education in karlsruhe

For 25 years, forest education in Karlsruhe has been bringing children and adults closer to the beauty and importance of the forest. To celebrate the anniversary, various activities and events will take place in 2021 to experience the forest in all its diversity and importance.
Forest education not only imparts knowledge about nature and ecology, but also the importance of the forest as a habitat for animals and plants, as a recreational area for humans and as an important supplier of raw materials.
As part of the anniversary, forest education offers free activities for young and old to experience and discover the forest first hand. The events range from forest walks and workshops to activities for school classes and kindergartens.
In addition to the anniversary, forest education also wants to raise awareness for the protection of the forest and its biodiversity. Because only by acting sustainably and protecting the forest can the needs of people and nature continue to exist in harmony in the future.

A look at the free events for the 25th anniversary of forest education in Karlsruhe

Forest education in Karlsruhe is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is offering free activities to mark the occasion. Children and young people in particular are invited to learn about the beauty and importance of the forest.

Among other things, participants can take part in an exciting forest rally, where they can learn interesting facts about animals, plants and ecosystems of the forest in a playful way. A night hike through the forest is also on the program. Participants get to know the forest at night and learn which animals are active in the darkness.

Free events: 25 years of forest education in Karlsruhe

In addition, free workshops are provided that focus on handicrafts and creative work. For example, you can build your own insect hotels or birdhouses to help the animals in the forest. It is also possible to create natural works of art from natural materials.

In addition, guided tours through the forest are offered, during which special features of the forest and its flora and fauna are presented. The events take place in different forest areas in Karlsruhe and are aimed at different age groups.

  • Exciting forest rally
  • Night hike through the forest
  • Creative workshops
  • Guided tours through the forest

The activities are free of charge and offer an ideal opportunity to learn about the importance of the forest and to learn handicraft skills. The registration is necessary, because the number of participants is limited. Further information on the individual events and registration can be found on the website of Waldpadagogik Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe’s forest education celebrates its 25th anniversary

In 2021, Karlsruhe’s forest education program will celebrate its 25th anniversary. On this occasion, numerous free activities will take place, aimed at young and old alike. Forest education has been an integral part of the city’s program for many years and has set itself the task of making it possible to experience nature on site.

Among other things, guided hikes, exciting lectures and practical workshops are planned. The anniversary events, which have been specially designed for this occasion, will certainly be particularly impressive. For example, a forest cinema will be set up, which can be visited free of charge.

  • Guided walks through the forest
  • Exciting lectures on topics of forest education
  • Practical workshops for children and adults

The events are free of charge for all visitors and offer a great opportunity to get to know forest education in Karlsruhe. There are also special offers for school groups to give the students an unforgettable day in nature.

The anniversary actions will take place in the period from May to October 2021. A detailed overview of all dates and venues is available on the website of the city of Karlsruhe or directly from the organizers of the respective actions.

Here’s how you can take part in the free events celebrating the 25th anniversary of forest education in Karlsruhe

If you are passionate about nature and the forest, the free events for the 25th anniversary of forest education in Karlsruhe are just right for you. The events are suitable for all age groups and offer you the opportunity to get to know the forest from a new perspective.

You can easily participate in the actions by registering in advance. You can register online via the website of Waldpadagogik Karlsruhe. There you will find the whole program with all dates and you can choose the events you want to participate in.

The offer is broad and ranges from guided hikes to archery and forest workshops for children. There are also special offers for schools and kindergartens. All actions focus on learning through play. You will be accompanied by experienced forest educators who will teach you a lot of interesting facts about the forest and its inhabitants.

  • If you are interested, you should register quickly, as places are limited.
  • It is advisable to bring sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing.
  • You should also allow enough time and possibly take provisions with you.

Come along and experience the forest with all its facets! We are looking forward to you.

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