Tips for lawyers: careful record keeping required in the case of a logbook requirement

If a logbook is required as a stipulation in a court case, you as a lawyer must ensure that your clients keep a careful record of it. Because meticulous documentation is the only way to meet proper driving record requirements and avoid potential consequences.

A proper logbook is especially important for drivers who also use their company car for private purposes. If the vehicle is used for both business and private journeys, a logbook must be kept to document the proportion of private use. If the authorities or the tax office have doubts about the accuracy of the driver’s log, they can order an audit.


The television program – who’s on screen today

Television is still one of the most popular leisure activities for Germans. Relaxing on the sofa for a change, watching exciting movies and captivating series, or following the latest news from around the world – there is a wide variety on offer on television.

To stay up to date with what’s on TV today, it’s important to know the television program. This provides information about what shows, movies or series are being broadcast on the various channels at what time of day.