Prince andrew: epstein employee plans to testify in court

Another twist in the scandal surrounding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his ties to celebrities may be coming. One of his former employees plans to testify that Prince Andrew had sex with underage girls.

Prince Andrew: Epstein employee plans to testify in court

Prince Andrew, Prince Charles’ younger brother and sixth in line to the British throne, has already publicly denied his ties to Epstein and claims to have had no knowledge of his crimes. However, the former Epstein employee claims that Prince Andrew was involved in Epstein’s affairs and knew more than he is letting on.


Biedronka: what did the discounter plan to do?

The Polish supermarket chain Biedronka has also been successfully established on the German market for many years now. But what does the discount retailer actually have planned for the future?? In an industry marked by fierce competition and changing customer needs, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the times.

Below, we take a look at possible strategies and innovations that Biedronka can expect in the future. What measures is the company taking to meet the ever more demanding customers? How Biedronka positions itself against the competition?


Coordination office for scientific university collections in germany: an introduction

University collections in Germany represent a wealth of cultural, scientific and historical artifacts. These collections range from archaeology and art to natural and technical sciences, but they are often insufficiently known and underutilized.

The Coordination Office for Academic University Collections in Germany (Coordination Office) was founded to bundle these collections, increase their visibility, and facilitate their use. The coordinating body represents the interests of more than 350 collections at 89 universities in Germany and works closely with national and international partners to make the collections accessible to a wider public.


Impact of covid-19 on vocational training

The Corona pandemic has had an immense impact not only on people’s health and daily lives, but also on the economy and on vocational training in particular. Companies have been forced to adjust their business models and take steps to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures have also had an impact on apprentices.

School and vocational school closures forced many apprentices to pause their training or switch to digital learning formats. The loss of face-to-face classes and exams has also made education more difficult. Many companies are struggling with financial difficulties and are unable to hire new trainees or have to reduce their training positions.


Robots explore desert landscapes

In today’s technological world, robots have become ubiquitous and are taking on an increasingly important role in the exploration of our planet as well. Bremen researchers recently announced that they will send a group of all-robots into the desert to explore the landscape.

Robots explore desert landscapes

These are not conventional robots, but fully autonomous and artificially intelligent machines that are capable of working and making decisions on their own. These robots will be able to explore the desert landscape with an accuracy that is impossible for humans to achieve. This can help to better understand the causes and effects of climate change and better protect our planet.


Head lice high season: how to protect and treat yourself

Imagine this: Your child comes home complaining of itchy hair. You think nothing of it, but the next day it complains again. A close look will reveal small pesky parasites in your child’s hair: Head lice. Lice infestations are not uncommon, especially returning in the fall and winter peak season. It’s important to know how to treat and prevent head lice.
Head lice can be transmitted quickly from person to person, for example by sharing combs or hairbrushes, scarves or hats. Close physical contact also favors transmission. However, there are tricks to prevent and control lice infestations. In this article, you will learn what measures you can take to prevent or successfully treat a lice infection.
It is important to note that head lice are not a shame and anyone can be affected by an infestation. It’s also important to know that lice infestations usually have nothing to do with poor hygiene. In this article, you will find information on how to deal with a head lice infestation to avoid unpleasant situations in everyday life.

How to identify and treat lice

Head lice high season begins again! To protect yourself from lice infection, avoid close contact with people who already have lice. Sharing combs, brushes or hats can also lead to the transmission of lice.