They call him iron hans: his body is his business

Eisen-Hans is a man who is different than most people. He has been working hard for years to shape and steel his body. His body is his asset, his business. Meanwhile, he is so muscular and well-toned that other people admire and fear him at the same time.

The fascination that Iron Hans has for others has also reached the media. He has been featured in magazines and on television. Many people are fascinated by his strength and stamina.


Conductor nagano revolutionizes wagner’s “ring”

With his new approach, conductor Kent Nagano has cast the Wagner operas "Der Ring des Nibelungen" in a new light. His interpretations generate enthusiasm among audiences and critics alike.

Nagano takes his time with the music, slowing the tempo and focusing on the details. He also uses modern technologies such as projections and lighting effects to transform the stage into a visual experience.


Vacancies for training year – apply now!

The training year is just around the corner and we look forward to welcoming motivated and committed young people to our company. As every year, we offer a number of apprenticeship positions in various fields in order to optimally prepare our junior staff for their professional life.

In addition to the classic apprenticeships such as industrial clerk and IT specialist, we also offer exciting opportunities in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. We place great emphasis on hands-on training, where our apprentices can actively participate and take responsibility right from the start.


The coordinating body for scientific university collections in germany

There are many universities in Germany that have extensive scientific collections. These collections are used for research and teaching and are invaluable to science and society. To support the preservation and further development of these collections, the Coordination Office for Scientific University Collections in Germany was established.
The coordinating body aims to promote the development and exchange of know-how between university collections and to support networking at national and international level. It works closely with universities and other institutions to record, study and document collections. The focus is not only on the scientific significance of the collections, but also on their importance to society and culture.
The coordinating body is committed to the preservation and safeguarding of the collections and promotes cooperation between the universities and other institutions. Through its work, it helps to ensure that scientific collections in Germany will continue to play an important role in science and society in the future.

The Coordination Office for Scientific University Collections in Germany

The Coordination Office for Scientific University Collections is an institution that deals with the cooperation and coordination of different scientific university collections in Germany. The aim of the Coordination Office is to promote exchange between the collections and to develop a joint strategy to make the collections more visible nationally and internationally.


A voice as bright as a bell is silenced

It’s a fate shared by many women: The suppression of their voices by patriarchal structures that often manifest themselves in violence and abuse. A voice as bright as a bell, once full of hope and joy, is being silenced. The impact on the lives of those affected is devastating.

Women are often robbed of their identity through the silence that the suppression of voice brings. Self-confidence dwindles and the feeling of insignificance spreads. The voice that was once so strong becomes a quiet voice that is hardly heard anymore.


The salary for education and teaching

Educators and teachers are indispensable professions that significantly shape society. However, these professions often struggle with low salaries and poor appreciation, which also impacts job satisfaction and the shortage of skilled workers.

The pay for education and teaching varies depending on region, state and educational institution. Most often, entry-level teachers face lower starting salaries, while experienced teachers and educators achieve higher salaries over the course of their careers.


Alphabet – film by erwin wagenhofer: the dark side of modern education

Erwin Wagenhofer’s documentary "Alphabet" shows the dark side of our modern education system, which is focused on efficiency and performance. Through interviews with experts, students and parents, the failure of the current education system is revealed and the dangers for the future society are highlighted.

Wagenhofer sensitively shows how the education system not only affects the creativity and personality of students, but also negatively affects their mental health. The focus on grades and degrees turns students into unhappy and stressed people who find it difficult to find their way in the real world.


Brackenheim – education and training for all

Brackenheim, a city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, features a wide range of educational opportunities for young and old alike. Here, interested people can find a variety of opportunities for education and further education as well as for personal development.

No matter whether you are interested in professional further education, want to improve your language skills or simply want to acquire new knowledge – there is something for everyone in Brackenheim. There are also numerous opportunities for children and young people to develop their talents and interests.


Sri lankan uprising: resisting the effects of neoliberalism

Sri Lanka is struggling against the effects of the neoliberal economic model that has been spread around the world since the 1970s. The effects of the neoliberal model are particularly evident in the form of austerity policies that threaten social security, public services and employment.

This has led to growing resentment in Sri Lanka, especially in rural areas where the effects of neoliberal policies are particularly evident. Many people have joined together and organized to fight against restrictions on their lives and work.


Corinna wimmer, intern: a person with talent and passion

Corinna Wimmer is a talented intern who excels at hard work, dedication and passion. Below, we’ll take a closer look at her skills, experience and dedication.

Corinna is a talented young woman who has a passion for creativity. She is very motivated and enthusiastic about her work. She has worked on many projects in the past and always demonstrates a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility.