Is medallion financial’s dividend safe?

Medallion Financial is a company that has been paying dividends to its shareholders for many years. Payments to shareholders have been regularly increased in the past, attracting many investors. But how safe is Medallion Financial’s dividend, really???

To answer this question, we need to look at Medallion Financial’s business model. The company operates in the transportation sector and owns a large number of cabs that are used in various markets.


Buying a car: deciding between buying, financing and leasing

Buying a car is an important step because it is often the second largest investment in your life after owning a home. However, many people are faced with the decision of whether to buy, finance or lease the car. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages.

When you buy a car, you usually have a higher initial cost, but in return you are the sole owner of the vehicle afterwards. In addition, there are no ongoing costs, except of course insurance, tax and maintenance. With financing, there is the option of paying off the car over a longer period of time to reduce the initial cost. But here, too, you have to pay monthly installments and the vehicle only belongs to you once it has been repaid in full.


Financing a corporation in a crisis

A crisis can hit a corporation at any time, regardless of size or industry. Whether insolvency is imminent or the company is merely in a difficult financial situation is irrelevant. In any case, a solution must be found to secure the existence of the company.

One of the biggest challenges in this context is financing. Measures must be taken quickly and effectively to avert the threat of insolvency. But how can a corporation be financed during a crisis??


Students in financial need – calls for federal assistance grow louder

Students in financial need - calls for federal assistance grow louder

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of students in Germany, many of whom are experiencing financial difficulties. The increased need for support and financial assistance has increased calls for nationwide support measures. Policymakers and educational institutions are urged to take concrete steps to help students in need.

A new survey reveals that almost a third of German students are under financial pressure during the pandemic. Some have been forced to drop out of college or even be unable to pay their rent. Such financial stress creates additional pressures and barriers to academic achievement and impacts the overall student experience.


The importance of debt, derivatives, and securities management

Debt, derivative, and securities management are among the important tools in the financial world that help minimize the risks of investments. Banks and other financial institutions use these tools to hedge their investments and thereby increase their overall returns. However, managing these financial instruments can be a complex task and requires a deep understanding of the markets and instruments involved.

Debt management, for example, is concerned with the management of debt instruments such as bonds issued by companies and governments to finance businesses and projects. Derivatives management, on the other hand, revolves around the trading of derivatives – financial instruments that derive their price from an underlying asset. Securities management refers to the management of stocks, bonds, and other securities in an institution’s portfolio.


Ecb asks banks to build more provisions for problem loans

The European Central Bank (ECB) on Monday urged banks to set aside more provisions for problem loans to minimize risks. This recommendation comes as banks are experiencing an increasing number of non-performing loans due to the coronavirus pandemic and the related economic downturn.
ECB urges banks to increase their provisions for problem loans in a timely and sufficient manner to maintain financial soundness and reduce risks. Banks should also improve their monitoring of problem loans to identify and deal with problems early on.
Nonperforming loans affect banks’ lending, capital position and liquidity. By setting aside sufficient reserves, banks can absorb losses due to problem loans and strengthen their capital, which increases the stability of the entire financial system.

The problem: banks should build up more provisions for problem loans

Banks play an important role in a country’s economic growth and financial stability, but they are also exposed to some risk. Part of that risk is that they make loans to individuals or businesses that may not be able to repay them.


Leasehold: use this model to own your own home

Do not have enough money to build a house on your own plot of land? Don’t worry, there is an alternative: ground leases. This model allows you to build and own a home on someone else’s property without having to buy the land.

Leasehold: Use this model to own your own home

Leasehold is not a new concept and has been used in Germany for decades. There are many advantages of the heritable building right for the buyer, such as lower costs for the land because he does not have to buy it, but only pays for its use.