The Manager’s Role in Performance Support

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BPM Strategies – August 2006

Written By: Alan Ramias

In her book, Electronic Performance Support Systems, Gloria Gery popularized the notion of designing technology to assist workers in performing tasks, writing about the growing use, and importance, of electronic job aids such as on-line tutorials, directories, help menus, technical support and the like, for users of laptop and desktop computers. Now often called Performance Support Tools ( PST), electronic performance support sys- tems (EPSS) include includes PDA’s, laptops, UPC scanners, and a host of other technologies. EPSS/PST is a useful concept and has grown to be a significant consideration for anyone who designs or improves processes and work environments.

Unfortunately the EPSS/PST movement has put all the emphasis on electronic devices as the means of performance support. For many, “performance support” connotes technology and nothing else. Yet there is potentially much more to the concept. This article is intended to retrieve the idea of performance sup- port, strengthen and expand on its definition, and explain why it ought to be regarded as a critical element in achieving and maintaining high organizational performance.

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