The Business Process Architecture Workshop

BPA Workshop Course Description

Performance Design Lab has extensive experience assisting companies in defining their process architectures and in establishing those architectures as a core tool for process modeling, process management and process improvement. Our tools and models have been adopted by Fortune 100 companies and multinational corporations for the past 25 years.  We are known for both teaching of a set of proven architecture principles and partnering in their application.  This approach takes advantage of PDL’s cross industry experience and the internal practitioners understanding of their organization’s unique competitive positioning and situational business needs.

This course expounds on the core concepts and models of an organization’s Value Creation Architecture as described in the recently published books White Space Revisited: Creating Value through Process and Rediscovering Value: Leading the 3-D Enterprise for Sustainable Success.

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between levels of architecture
  • Apply a hierarchical architecture to the cascading of objectives and metrics
  • Identify tools proven to work most effectively at each level of architecture
  • Distinguish between approaches to work system boundary identification that do and don’t support an effective architecture
  • Identify an approach to developing and implementing a business process architecture that considers the lessons learned of other organizations as well as their own unique business situation.

Workshop Length:

1.5-4 Days (length customized to your requirements)

Who Should Attend:

Business Architects, BPM practitioners, Enterprise Architects, Business modelers, Individuals responsible for strategy implementation, and Individuals responsible for linking strategic and operational metrics.