Geary Rummler Publication Library

Geary Rummler Publication Library


Welcome to the Geary A Rummler Publication Library.  On this page, you will find an archive of Geary’s publications.  A list of all of Geary’s publications – articles, chapters, and books – can be found below.  Our intention is to make as many of Geary’s published work available via this web page as possible. To read a specific article or find the Amazon page for a specific book, simply click on the title of the book or article.

This page is a work in progress.  Not all publications that are listed may be available.  Additional articles will be added as they are located.  If you have a copy of an article that is listed, but not downloadable, on this page, please send an email to  Thank you.






Programmed Learning: A Practicum (with Brethower, et al.), Ann Arbor Publishers, 1965

Managing the Instructional Programming Effort (with J. P. Yaney and A. W. Schrader, eds.), Bureau of Industrial Relations, The University of Michigan, 1967. Link

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Retail Salesmanship (with Staff), Addison-Wesley, 1968

Training and Development: A Guide for Professionals (with G. S. Odiorne), Commerce Clearing House, Inc., 1988

Developing Organization Maps: A Handbook for Understanding a Business (with A.P.Brache), Rummler-Brache Group, 1990, 1995.

Improving Performance: Managing the White Space on the Organization Chart (With A. P. Brache), Jossey-Bass, 1990, 1995

Serious Performance Consulting – According to Rummler, International Society for Performance Improvement, 2004.

White Space Revisited: Creating Value through Process (with A. J. Ramias and R. A. Rummler), Wiley Jossey-Bass, 2010

Rediscovering Value: Leading the 3-D Enterprise to Sustainable Success (with A. J. Ramias and C. L. Wilkins), Wiley Jossey-Bass, 2011




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