RPM Practicum

RPM Practicum Course Description

The primary focus of this workshop, and what differentiates it from the standard Rummler Process Methodology workshop, is practice with tools and methods.  The RPM methodology and tools for defining, analyzing, designing and implementing process change are taught through a series of exercises, simulations and applications to real processes and to a variety of case situations.  The teaching approach gives participants maximum hands-on experience in using the tools and techniques.  The underlying concepts and theories on which RPM is based are not covered in detail; instead, it is assumed that class participants will already have familiarity with these ideas through reading or prior training.

Participants will learn to:

  • Design an effective process improvement project
  • Lead a project team through all phases of RPM
  • Act as an effective coach to management
  • Apply the modeling and analysis tools to real situations

Workshop Length:

2 Days

Who Should Attend:

Process Improvement Practitioners, Performance Consultants and individuals who have been assigned to perform process improvement work in their organizations. Secondarily, the training can be useful for sponsors of process improvement initiatives.