The Anatomy of Performance

Knowledge of human anatomy provides the physician with an understanding of how the components of the human body interact.  Every physician knows the factors that determine good health, consequences of a failure in any of those factors, and what must be done to correct a failed factor and return the patient to good health.  Physicians also know that symptoms in one area may result from problems in another; this understanding requires them to take a systems view of the problem.

The Anatomy of Performance (AOP) provides a similar framework for organizations.  It identifies the basic factors that affect individual performance and organization results.  Although organizations, like human patients, are very different on the outside (big, small, public, private, products or services), inside they all have a common anatomy.  Knowledge of the organization’s underlying anatomy is critical for diagnosing, prescribing and implementing solutions.

Performance Improvement is a Science, not an Art

The AOP is the foundation of the science we bring to performance analysis and improvement.  It allows us to conduct a fast but comprehensive analysis of performance issues.  The solutions that we develop are holistic, not single point, addressing the multiple variables in the anatomy that have failed in order to fully address the performance gap and prevent it from reoccurring.  In doing so, we deliver real and sustainable results to the bottom line.

Anatomy of Performance can help you if…

  1. You are an executive with the need to implement strategy or turn the performance of your organization around.
  2. You are designing and leading a change improvement initiative.
  3. You are tasked with leading an individual improvement effort or project.

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