The Academy for Total Performance Improvement

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Total Performance Improvement

A new offering from Performance Design Lab


How is this program different from others?

 It’s Real Certification


“Certification” programs are a dime a dozen these days.  Just about any program you can find in BPM, Six Sigma, Lean or any other approach to organizational improvement claims to provide certification.  But what does that really mean?  In every case we’ve seen, except for our own, it means you go through a few courses, whether on-line or in the classroom, in typical fashion—doing a few activities but not being really challenged or tested, listening or watching an instructor spout great amounts of theory but not being asked to prove you have absorbed any of it, moving from one subject to another without linkage or explanation.  If it’s an on-line course, you take an occasional multiple-choice test, which you can guess your way through, that examines only your grasp of content knowledge, not how well you can do anything.

The Academy for Total Performance Improvement is different…very different.   A student moves from basic subjects to more advanced while being tested at every step by a trained, experienced coach.  The tests are performance-based; the student has to prove that learning has taken place.  No multiple-choice cop-outs allowed.  This is not intended to be difficult for the sake of difficulty—it is intended to ensure that a learner knows—really knows—how to perform at a required level of skill and can prove it.  Why would you want anything less?

It’s learner-paced


This is not classroom training, where every student moves at the pace the instructor sets.  In the academy, the learner decides the pace of learning and chooses how much time he or she wants to spend on a particular subject.  This has all the advantages of self-paced learning, while being monitored and managed by expert coaches.

Certification is not guaranteed

We’re serious about ensuring that learners can demonstrate all the skills that the curriculum requires, so we do not promise that every learner can get through all the modules and end up with a certificate.  We do everything we can to help every learner get there, but this is not a giveaway, as so many certification programs are.  You earn your certification.


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