Transforming Your Organization

When an organization must change direction, PDL has the tools and methodologies to ensure that the direction is clear and that all elements of the organization are aligned to reach the desired future.  Our approach helps senior management teams in redesign of structure or clarification of strategy and desired results and design of the complete business architecture.

Organization Design

Organization redesign projects involve analyzing the entire organizational system to determine gaps in performance and to create an optimal organizational structure (processes, functions, jobs and roles), anchored by a management system to steer the organization to desired results.  The PDL approach is also applicable to design of new businesses.

Benefits of our approach to Organization Design include:

  • Comprehensive design driven by customer, value chain and process requirements, linked down to functional areas and jobs.
  • Management system design integrated with the work system and organization structure.

Future State Design

The aim may be growth, renewal or recovery, but when the leaders of an organization need to do a fundamental rethinking of purpose, strategy and capabilities, PDL has long experience in providing a thorough systems-based approach that goes far beyond the popular approaches of visioning and strategy statements.  Attempts to change organizational direction often fail not because the goal is wrong but because the specific architecture and components of the business are not thoroughly examined and redesigned to make long-term success possible.  We help an executive team through a fast but comprehensive redesign of capabilities, organizational architecture, processes, jobs and management system to make the future happen.

Benefits of our approach to Future State Design include:

  • Clear strategy for the future
  • Alignment between strategy and organization components (capabilities, processes, resources)
  • Agile organization design to meet turbulent business environments and competition