Managing Effectively

For the leaders of an organization, the infrastructure and practices of management must be as carefully designed and executed as any of the work processes that deliver value.  Ultimately where the organization is steered will determine how successful it is.  PDL has the most extensive experience in the performance field of designing and implementing complete measurement and management systems to accompany and make sustainable a process-centered approach to business.

Process Management System Design

Given a defined business process architecture, this service is to design and implement a formal governance infrastructure for key processes that is integrated with the organization’s existing management system. This service focuses on the process level, but is often a sub-set of Org IQ service.  The result is effective process management and an end to confusion about how process management is supposed to work.

Needs addressed include:

  • Failed process management
  • Process owners uncertain about their roles
  • “Process” has become a contentious word
  • Process management is in place but not producing value
  • Conflicts between process owners and line managers

Process Managed Organization (PMO) Journey

Assistance in helping management design an effective journey to becoming a process-managed organization. Typically includes most of the Process Services listed above.  The result is an effective process-centered organization.

Needs addressed include:

  • Vision of becoming process-centered but no plan or insight about how to get there
  • Stalled efforts
  • Confusion about the goal or the means to get there

Organization IQ

“Organization I.Q.” is a measurement and management system that helps companies achieve and sustain desired organization results. The Organization I.Q. acts as a cockpit for organizational decision-makers; providing them with timely and accurate information with which to plan, manage and execute performance of the value chain and the business.

PDL works with clients to develop Organization I.Q. systems for their companies by:

  • Determining what organizational variables must be managed to achieve the desired results.
  • Designing an appropriate Management System.
  • Designing an appropriate Measurement System that a) tracks all key dimensions of Organization performance and b) links all levels of management.
  • Implementing the integrated Management and Measurement System.

Benefits of Organization I.Q. include:

  • Plans and evaluation measures are aligned within the entire organization.
  • Focus shifts from managing vertically (managing resources) to managing horizontally (managing value) and vertically – optimization.
  • Managers are able to identify performance problems before they become critical.
  • When results gaps are identified, managers can use the Organization I.Q. system to quickly and accurately determine the cause of the gaps.
  • Timely, accurate, usable information allows organizations to adapt proactively.