Aligning Internal Services

PDL has always supported the internal organizations that support and enable the line operations.  We have worked with virtually every internal staff organization over the decades, including Quality, HR, Training, OD, and Industrial Engineering.  In recent years our focus has turned to IT, as processes have become more and more technology-dependent and IT experts have aimed at being effective business partners.  In the services described below, we describe our current focus on IT as a client, but we can also offer these same services to any internal department that wishes to become more effective as performance improvement experts.

IT Department Transformation

Assist IT management to redesign IT department for better alignment with business and more effective product and service delivery.  The result is more effective IT support to the business.

Needs addressed include:

  • Dissatisfaction with IT
  • Costs and wasted effort
  • Increased demand for IT services
  • Mismatches between IT mission and demands

IT Alignment – PDL Bridge Methodology

Methodology for bridging the requirements gap between business needs and IT solutions, including definition of the business and the drivers for technology

Needs addressed include:

  • Delays in getting technology solutions
  • Misunderstandings between business users and technology providers over needs, requirements, and methods
  • Missed opportunities to capitalize on technology innovations, becoming uncompetitive
  • Money wasted on unwanted technology solutions