Products and Services

The Science Behind…

For us, performance improvement is a science, not magic. At the heart of our scientific approach is our Value Creation Hierarchy model which exposes the variables at play in organizational performance and their important relationships. The model makes it possible for us to systematically diagnose the causes of poor performance and prescribe and design solutions that really deliver the desired results to our clients.

PDL Consulting

PDL consultants are experts in designing and leading large-scale transformation or improvement initiatives and helping you develop an integrated solution set and plan that will address your business issues. Our clients consistently tell us that we bring fresh perspectives and comprehensive solutions to improvement and management of business performance.

PDL Workshops

PDL offers a comprehensive curriculum for those needing the knowledge and skills to lead, participate in, or support large-scale performance transformation efforts. The contents of our courses are derived from proven methodologies and experience in a myriad of industries and companies. We offer some courses publicly and others in a customized format for in-house audiences.

PDL Coaching

For organizations with initiatives underway, PDL can play a valuable advisory role for executives, team leaders, improvement specialists and employees, providing tools, methodologies, strategies and experience in how to overcome obstacles and transform the organization efficiently and successfully. If you need to develop internal performance analysis and improvement capability to enhance the effectiveness of your IT, Process Excellence, Six Sigma, Training, Organization Development, Human Resources or Organization Effectiveness functions, we can help.