Process Metrics

One of the most important – but frequently most challenging and vexing – aspects of installing business process management in an organization is metrics. There is seldom much argument anymore about the necessity of having metrics at the process level to enable process owners and performing teams alike to monitor performance, diagnose variation, and make effective course corrections. Once a business process has been created or redesigned, measurement of process performance is critical. Measurement can be used to ensure the process is installed properly, produces desired results, and design integrity is maintained. Ongoing measurement is the basis for continuous improvement.

But selecting, designing, implementing, and using metrics is a complex set of activities and loaded with pitfalls, and enabling software can either help or make it worse, depending on the human intelligence being applied to such questions as what to measure, when to measure, who should be watching performance, what to do with data, and how to diagnose and react to performance issues.

Performance Design Lab has a proven track record at understanding and addressing the issues surrounding process metrics, and implementing working solutions to managing process performance.  Our approach to business process management has been adopted by Fortune 100 companies and multinational corporations for the past 25 years.  We are known for both teaching of a set of proven management principles and partnering in their application.


Performance Design Lab’s approach to process measurement and management and associated tools and models are described in detail in our book ReDiscovering Value: Leading the 3-D Enterprise to Sustainable Success.  The links on this page will provide you with further information on our approach. Hopefully, we can help you avoid some  of the difficulties we have experienced and to speed you forward to effective design, implementation, and use of process metrics.


Online Resources

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If you are a practitioner working on implementing process metrics or process management, and are interested in coaching from a PDL partner to ensure you take the right approach, please contact us for further information.