Performance Thinking

PT Course Description

A one-day workshop that provides participants with the opportunity to develop and apply four lenses for understanding different aspects of human and organization performance. Collectively they provide an excellent overview of the models and tools which characterize Geary Rummler’s approach to improving performance. The workshop will be very “hands-on” and is recommended for anyone interested in new ways to gain and communicate insights into human and organization performance.

This course will present:

  • Introduction to Performance Thinking
  • Application of various Performance Lenses, such as:
    • The Anatomy of Performance
    • The Super System
    • The Human Performance System
    • The Effective Process Framework

Workshop Length:

1 Day

Who Should Attend:

This course is useful for anyone in a function or role with responsibility to assist organization management in understanding the scope of the problems and opportunities they are facing and identifying appropriate approaches and solutions, including people who work in Human Resources, Quality, IT, Organization Development/Effectiveness, Business Process Improvement or Internal Consulting.