Performance Design Lab Bulletin – July 2006

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Hello Again,

I trust your 2006 is progressing well and you’re making great headway toward your 2006 goals. We’ve been busy as well. The following is a brief of some of our activities (note the emphasis on NEW!): 

New  Methodology

Jeff Wacker, who works as the futurist for Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), once wrote a company memo  predicting which jobs would not be around in fifteen or twenty years. His first category was the CIO. “There will still be a CIO,” he wrote, “but the chief information officer will be replaced with a chief integration officer. Information technology will be so fully embedded  in every aspect of a business that the IT organization will move away from technology to the integration of business processes.”—-The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman

This may  end up being true one day, but from our vantage point, a lot of work remains to be done to realize that prediction. Our view is that IT providers tend to fail to understand the businesses they serve while pushing technologies for which they have a bias, the result of which is a growing GAP between business needs and the IT effectiveness in serving those needs. Business process experts have a clear understanding of the importance of processes and the need for designing and improving them, but they often end up in battles with IT over language, tools, and approaches, which results in reduced effectiveness and positive impact on business.

PDL has developed a methodology that gets at this GAP. It provides:

  1. A common  view of the business shared by its leaders to IT and other providers of improvement technologies.
  2. Effective alignment between IT providers and process designers to deliver integrated solutions.
  3. A shared language and tools for identifying business problems, designing process improvements and delivering results.

Visit our website ( to view a presentation titled “Bridging the Gap between IT & Business: A Proposed Model” written by Alan Ramias.

New  Course  – New  Alliance

The Organization as a System  – This workshop is designed to provide participants aset of concepts and tools for effectively defining an organization’s technology requirements based upon understanding the organization as a system. Target Audience/Who Should Attend: BPM practitioners, Business Analysts, IT Managers, CIO’s and Business Managers. Visit the Performance Design Lab’s website for more details.

New  Alliance PDL has teamed with The Brainstorm Group and will be the co-chair of their Institute’s Symposium Series titled “Organization Alignment & Performance”.  PDL’s involvement also includes regular contributions to the monthly e-newsletter and Quarterly “BPM STRATEGIES” magazine. Visit for more details.

Upcoming  Workshops   and  Presentations


Serious Performance Consulting Workshop  – Our straightforward and time- proven results improvement consulting methodology, developed over 35 years by Geary Rummler. A condensed 2-day version of the SPC workshop will be conducted through ISPI. There will be two sessions: November  14-15 and 16-17 in Atlanta. Register through ISPI.

Keynote and symposium presentations and one-day workshops in conjunction with’s Business Process Management Conference Series: September 18-21 in Washington, DC  and November  6-9 in New York, NY Receive more details by going to their web site.

Process Design & Management Workshop  – Our robust, practical and proven methodology for the analysis, design and management  of business processes. The next public session is scheduled for December  5 – 7 in Nashville, TN. Register through The Performance Design Lab website.

Presentations  Available on Web Site

Keynote presentation to Brainstorm’s Business Process Management Conference, April 19, 2006, entitled “The Rummler  Perspective: BPM  and Improving Organization Results”.

“Bridging the Gap between  IT & Business: A Proposed  Model.” – Alan Ramias, Partner