Performance Design Lab Bulletin – January 2006

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I hope your 2005 was a good one and all of us at PDL  would like to wish you a successful 2006. In case we haven’t had a chance to catch up with you lately, here’s a quick update on goings-on at the Lab:

New  Partner – Alan Ramias!!

We  are excited to welcome Alan Ramias to our team.  While he may  be a new partner, he is not new to us. Alan’s association with us dates back to the 1980’s at Motorola and working together at Rummler-Brache Group in the 1990’s. We  are thrilled to have him back as part of our team.  For more information, check out Alan’s bio on our website or contact Alan directly with congratulations (or commiserations), at

“New  Book”  – Improving  Performance,  in Chinese

That’s the 5th language (Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and now Chinese) in which Improving Performance: How  to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart, by Rummler and Brache has been translated.

2006 Preview

New Course – Process for Managers

We’re greatly encouraged by the early reviews. It’s a two-day workshop available on an in-house basis. Contact Rick Rummler for more information –

New Methodology  & Tools – Process Architecture

It is critical to understand the larger organization system in order to be effective doing anything related to process. A key component of the organization system is your Business Process Architecture. We have birthed a new methodology for defining Business Process Architectures (mother and methodology are doing fine).

New Website

We’ve been told our website has a certain classic appeal. We realize that there’s a fine line between “classic” and “dated” so we’re investing in a new website.

Upcoming   Workshops   and Presentations

Process Design and Management   Workshop – Our robust, practical and proven methodology for the analysis, design and management  of business processes. The next public offerings will be February 14-17 in Portland, OR and May 16-19 in Nashville.

Serious Performance  Consulting Workshop – Our straightforward and time-proven results improvement consulting methodology, developed over 35 years by Geary. A condensed 2-day version of the SPC workshop will be conducted through ISPI February 7-8 in Phoenix, AZ.  Register through ISPI Peer Workshops. We will be offering the standard 3-day version May 16-18 in Nashville.

Keynote presentation at DCI’s Business Process Management   Conference – Geary Rummler will be presenting “Process (and BPM) in Perspective” on May 3 at the Phoenix, AZ conference.

Recent  Publications and Presentations  Available  on the Website

Keynote presentation at Brainstorm’s Business Process Management  (BPM) Conference in San Francisco – Geary Rummler’s presentation “The Rummler Perspective – BPM and Improving Organization Results”

Presentation at DCI’s Business Process Management  Conference  in San Diego – Rick Rummler’s presentation “Making the Transition from Process Analysis to Process Design”

Keynote Presentation at ISPI’s European Conference – Geary Rummler’s presentation “The Anatomy of Performance and the Potential of Performance Improvement”

Presentation at a SHRM  & ASTD  Regional Conference – Mark Munley’s presentation “Understanding Your Client’s Business to Achieve Results”

We look forward to the prospect of hearing from you in 2006.

Geary and his Partners in the Lab

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