LCI Transformation


  • Start-up tele-communications company
  • Had grown from $30 to $100 million in three years
  • Projected growth to $300 million in next three years.

Case for Action

  • CEO concerned about:
    • Need for an organization infrastructure that would support the planned growth.
    • Need for quick response to changes in the external business environment.
      • The ability to identify changes in the external business environment
        • Changes in industry relations
        • Changes in the offerings of competitors
      • The ability to respond quickly to these changes
    • Need to improve customer service
      • Internal processes struggling to provide the minimum level of service required to compete.
      • Intense competition, with new customer service and cost expectations being set every day by competitors.

The Approach

  • Over a three year period, PDL staff assisted the company in the implementation of the following major initiatives to move the organization toward operating as an “adaptive” system.
    • Conducted a high-level “organization system analysis” with the senior management team to identify fast growth “stress points” in the organization system.
    • Redesigned core corporate processes to handle the rapid growth and improve customer service.
    • Developed ad “green field” field sales and service organization complete with
      • Organization structure
      • Business processes
      • Management processes
      • Measurement system
      • Training

The Results

  • The redesigned infrastructure supported growth from $100 to $300 million over the next three years.