Know Your Business

Know Your Business is an approach to management development centered on the improved capture and active transfer of business specific knowledge.

Most management development programs today are based on generic business management skills or competencies because of the difficulties associated with capturing and transferring knowledge that is unique to individual businesses.

The Know Your Business approach is a business tool that creates a real competitive advantage by tailoring management and leadership development to current management business philosophy – one size does not fit all. PDL provides an effective and efficient approach to the capture of business specific knowledge.

With the ability to transfer business specific knowledge comes the opportunity to engage new & existing managers using active learning techniques such as case studies and scenario building that makes the Know Your Business approach relevant and challenging to managers and value-added in the eyes of the organization.

Benefits of Know Your Business:

  • Everyone in the organization has a common view of the “system” being managed.
  • Managers understand how their operations impact the external customers and their internal business partners. They understand how they can add or subtract value.
  • The seasoned manager will learn how to better leverage the key variables impacting their operations. They will be better equipped to troubleshoot their operations when they detect variances to results.
  • The new manager will be provided with a model to quickly learn and orient themselves to their new operations. They will quickly learn and understand the key variables that impact their operations and people.
  • Managers know the key variables that must be managed and that impact the company, department, their operation, their job and the customer.
  • The organization will:
    • Develop a pipeline of candidates
    • Develop a core curriculum that becomes the basis for all development efforts that can be easily incorporated into current management development efforts
    • Develop a career path for key management position