From the Lab

The motto of Performance Design Lab (PDL) is “It’s not magic, it’s science.” As a “lab”, PDL is not a physical place but more an attitude toward our work. We see ourselves as experimenters with performance improvement methodologies, concepts and tools. We have never been satisfied with offering an unchanging consulting service or training program, even when those programs are highly successful. That’s because we believe in continuous improvement—careful, controlled enhancements of tools and techniques for the betterment of our own practices and for organizations we serve.

So this section of the PDL website is devoted to a collection of things that are work-in-progress. You’ll find white papers, opinions, presentations, case studies, testimony from clients, tools or methods still in the design stage. Not all this stuff will find its way into our training and consulting materials, but the intention is to put stuff “out there” and see what happens. Enjoy yourself and be sure to let us know your own opinions about these “Lab droppings.”