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The Business Process Architecture Workshop

This course expounds on the core concepts and models of an organization’s Value Creation Architecture as described in the recently published books White Space Revisited: Creating Value through Process and Rediscovering Value: Leading the 3-D Enterprise for Sustainable Success.

Performance Thinking

This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to develop and apply four lenses for understanding different aspects of human and organization performance. Collectively they provide an excellent overview of the models and tools which characterize Geary Rummler’s approach to improving performance. The workshop will be very “hands-on” and is recommended for anyone interested in new ways to gain and communicate insights into human and organization performance.

RPM Practicum

This course presents the Rummler Process Methodology and associated tools for defining, analyzing, designing and implementing process change. The teaching approach is a series of exercises, simulations and applications to real processes and to a variety of case situations. The underlying concepts and theories on which RPM is based are not covered in detail; instead, it is assumed that class participants will already have familiarity with these ideas through reading or prior training.

Process 101

This workshop is designed to orient employees to the concept of process and specifically to the application of process to their organization. Process Centered organizations may wish to incorporate this workshop into their new employee orientation. Employees will learn: “How you add value to the organization”

Metrics and Process Management

This workshop presents PDL’s methodology and toolset for designing the planning, measurement, review and management system for processes. Participants will practice the application of the steps and tools through a case study.

Process Modeling and Documentation

This course is designed to present practitioners with the basic tools and techniques for documenting processes with ample opportunity to apply through case study and exercises.

Process Modeling and Improvement

This course is designed to present practitioners with tools and techniques modeling, analyzing and improving processes, with ample opportunity to apply through case study and exercises.

Rummler Process Methodology

This workshop presents the latest evolution of Geary Rummler’s robust methodology for analyzing, designing and implementing work processes that align with business needs and the management processes required to ensure continuous alignment. In this update synergies between process change and IT development methodologies are identified and integrated tools for defining business requirements that foster collaboration between process designers and performer experts, both systems and human, are introduced.

Serious Performance Consulting

This workshop is based on Dr. Geary Rummler’s 35 years of experience as a performance consultant to Fortune 500 companies. The course provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the variables that impact performance and organizational results, and a huge set of tools and design templates for finding and addressing results improvement opportunities.