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New BPTrends column: Making Process Management a Reality

In their BPTrends column this month, Alan Ramias and Cherie Wilkins begin a series on how to succeed at integrating process management into an organization. Visit the link below to read the article. Making Process Management a Reality

upcoming webinars with EITA Global

Thanks to Performance Design Lab’s continuing relationship with EITA Global, we’re proud to announce several upcoming webinars.  The dates and subjects are: Choosing an Improvement Methodology – August 7th, 2014 / 01:00 PM EDT i.e. 10:00 AM PDT / Duration: 90 Minutes Business Architecture – September 11th, 2014 / 11:00 AM EDT i.e. 08:00 […] Read more »

Public ISPI Sessions

PDL Partner Rick Rummler is teaching two one-day public sessions in Washington DC, on June 10th and 11th, for the Potomac Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement.  For more information on these sessions, or to sign up, please click here.

Don’t Get Boxed In. Get Results Out.

Author: Cherie Wilkins I was asked recently by a client whose Performance Improvement department was about to undergo some restructuring, if I had any advice on how it should be structured. I did…we do… most of which has already been captured in several of our papers and books. (See our BPTrends article entitled “Location, Location, […] Read more »

The Sin of Pride

Author: Alan Ramias In the course of many years of consulting work, I have developed a pet peeve about how some of my colleagues view their role and their expertise.   I first realized this when one of my peers hauled in a monumental stash of data and models about a client.  She had done a […] Read more »

EITA Global to offer public PDL workshops

Performance Design Lab is pleased to announce that we have established a relationship with EITA Global, a leading continuing professional education provider, to offer webinars and public workshops presented by PDL.   Two two-day seminars presenting the Rummler Process Methodology are scheduled in the near future: March 24th and 25th – San Francisco, California May 8th […] Read more »

When does a system become a game?

By Alan Ramias I used to fly Southwest Airlines a lot.  And while waiting to board a flight, I would watch the games that fliers played in order to be first in line to board the plane.  The airline saves tons of money by not providing pre-assigned seats.  In case you never had the pleasure, […] Read more »

New BPTrends column available

A new BPTrends column has been posted in our articles section.  In this article, Alan Ramias and Cheri Wilkins draw on their long experience in working in process improvement to answer this question. Their conclusion—it’s not so much a matter of where the Performance Improvement Group is located as it is how the group is […] Read more »

Less Conversation, More Perspective

Author: Cherie Wilkins This week my husband is spending his evening hours reading a book he was assigned as a part of a special management development program that his company placed him in. I recognized the book title from a recent client organization. They had also developed a workshop based on the […] Read more »

Pitfalls of Not Addressing the Process Management System

Image for Pitfalls of Not Addressing the Process Management System

Author: Rick Rummler Paul Harmon, Editor of BPTrends, recently referenced a paper in which the author had an interesting idea.  The author of the paper argued that a trucking company should have spent time delegating power to drivers to deal with unforeseen emergencies rather than trying to build automated management systems to deal with them. […] Read more »