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Rediscovering Value

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This book explores the notion of the “3-D Enterprise,” a sustainably successful enterprise where resources and value are managed in balance. As this notion requires a fundamental rethink of the act of management, readers are presented with an executive agenda for making the transition from a typical unbalanced approach to managing organization performance to a true 3-D Enterprise. This 2011 book serves as a companion to 2009’s “White Space Revisited.” Where WSR explored these concepts for a practitioner audience, “Rediscovering Value” was written for an audience of executives and managers.

White Space Revisited

This 2009 book picks up where 1995’s “Improving Performance” left off, and shares what we have learned about process in the past 15 years, and how the reader can capitalize on these notions in their own pursuit of process excellence. Intended primarily for an audience of process and performance professionals, White Space Revisited is a comprehensive resource providing a conceptual foundation, a proven methodology, a set of working tools for doing process work, and a series of candid observations about the practice of Business Process Management (BPM). For practitioners who wish to share these notions with executives and managers in their organizations, we suggest our companion book “Rediscovering Value,” which presents the executive agenda for transitioning to managing value and resources in balance.

Serious Performance Consulting According to Rummler

In this 2004 book, Dr. Geary Rummler, a leader in performance consulting for 35 years, introduces the concept of “Serious Performance Consulting.” This book demonstrates the concept of SPC by means of an extensive case study, which illustrates both what a serious performance consulting engagement looks like and what a serious performance consultant does. This book is an essential reference for anyone seriously interested in improving organizational performance.

Improving Performance: How To Manage the White Space On the Organization Chart

First published in 1990, “Improving Performance” is recognized as the book that launched the Process Improvement revolution. This book provided the foundation for much of the process improvement work that still takes place today, and is as relevant and important as ever.