Rick Rummler

Richard A. Rummler is a partner of the Performance Design Lab (PDL). He brings over 20 years of consulting experience in the analysis, design, and implementation of organization performance systems with The Rummler Group, The Rummler-Brache Group and now PDL. He has worked with client organizations in Asia, Europe, and North America to achieve improvements […] Read more »

Cherie Wilkins

Ms. Wilkins is a Partner of the Performance Design Lab, where she specializes in the design of Measurement and Management Systems and the application of the Performance Logic methodology to strategy formulation and performance improvement. She has extensive consulting experience in implementing measurement and management systems in the financial services, retail, chemical, petroleum and manufacturing […] Read more »

Alan Ramias

Alan Ramias is a Partner of the Performance Design Lab (PDL). He has had twenty-five years of experience in performance improvement and organization effectiveness. Alan was employed by Motorola for ten years as an internal consultant on organizational performance. As a member of the team that founded Motorola University, he was the first person to […] Read more »