A Framework for Defining and Designing the Structure of Work

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BPTrends – April 2008 / Sept 2008 / Jan 2009

Written By: Geary Rummler, Alan Ramias

This is part one of a three-part paper describing a framework for modeling the business architecture (BA) layer of enterprise architecture (EA).

We do not need to belabor the potential value to an organization of modeling its business and technologies in an EA framework, but here are a couple of expert opinions on the subject:

Paul Harmon, founder and executive editor of BPTrends, has written, “Most people who use the term ‘enterprise architecture’ today, are probably from the IT world, and they tend to use the term as [an overview of how all the various IT models and resources in the organization work together]. Depending on the individual, they might insist that their concept of an enterprise architecture includes business process elements and even strategy elements, but if you look at their actual models and their practices, you will see that they chiefly look at processes as a source of system requirements that can drive software development”

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